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Default New Red Efts (Red spotted Newt)

I have 2 red efts, one is about two inches and the other is about an inch. The smaller one could fit on a penny curled up. I have turtles, a snake and tree frogs. These are my first salamander/newts. I have them over a week and they are co existing just fine. I was worried the bigger guy would eat the small one. I have them in a 10 gal aquarium with about 2 inches of soil and 1 inch coconut reptile bedding on top of that. I have at least 7 little ferns in there, a big piece of moss covered bark propped up so they can get under it, and a ton of leaf litter in there. I was told to keep the tank stocked with bugs and let them hunt on their own. I've been putting small isopods(pill bugs), little one inch millipedes, small worms, sugar ants, termites, tiny 1/16 to pinhead crickets, and flightless fruit flies in tank for food. They are active I just don't always get to observe it. I've seen them perched on top ferns and find them in different spots everyday. I don't handle them. Temp stays about 65 and I was told 60% humidity is what I want. I just want to make sure I'm taking care of them properly. A lot of care sheets focus on adult care and not specifically the red eft stage. How long does this stage usually last in captivity?
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