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Unhappy Advices for heavily neglected - near death axolotl

I recently recieved from a friend a heavily neglected axolotl.
He hardly wants to eat anything, misses an anterior leg (it is growing back) the tips of various fingers are turning red (infection?) And it Is VERY skinny (i can feel wothout use of immagination every single bone especially in the tail) almost forgot to tell that also its tail is missing a piece (it's growing back too).
All big injuries are old and healing back now, but my big concern is that this ax is not gaining a gram of weight and it is probably very stressed. At the moment it is in the fridge (2 days now) in an attempt to reduce stress and increase healing but this is decreasing even more its willing to eat (not counting a small piece of heart eaten yesterday he isn't eating anything from a week).
I don't really know what to do to improve its conditions, i am desperate for advices and open to everything
Attached a pic of him
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