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A couple of things I can think of off the top of my head and others have mentioned them but just to recap. It sounds like you are on the right track just a few things complied.

1. Get the liquid test kits, not the strips. API is a good brand.
2. While your tank is cycling, change as much water as you need to keep the ammonia,nitrates,nitrites down. Maybe even 100% water change a day. The beneficial bacteria that you need to complete the cycle will collect on your filter media - not the water itself. (research that if it sounds crazy)
3. Get a dechlorinator if you don't already have one, I know you have the 2 additives you mentioned but you need a specific dechlorinator. Prime is a great brand but there are 100's of different types.
4. You can ask the local fish store for some of there used filter media (sponge or floss) and put that into your filter - it will help jump start your cycle.

These are just my opinions but have worked well for me. Good luck!
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