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Exclamation Killing Axolotls


I have had a female aaxolotl for four years and two males for less than a year. Around 8 months ago they were put in a new tank and thrived but all three have fallen ill over the last month and a half, each showing different symptoms whilst living in an environment PERFECT for axolotls. The effort required to care for these axolotls, who are each not terribly ill in there own right, is starting to give me the feeling of dislike towards my own beloved pets! I cannot identify what could be causing there illness, I have devoted a whole other thread to it but recieved little help, sadly. Now, I have come to the point where I think they might be better off dead, for me and them. None are very sick and could seemingly live in this state perpetually however there constant illness is depressing, it takes 30 mins to feed them because you have to wait until they are ready to eat and lure them out etc where before it would take five mins and they would compete for first food. I also have to try and do it every single day as some days, even after half an hour of putting various foods in front of them they wont eat so making sure they get regular sustenance seems to be important.

I dont want to euthanize my axolotls but I can see little other choice unless I wish to hate my pets and my aquarium keeping hobby on account of a one off sickness! The minnows in the tank are absolutely fine, nothing at all bothering them! It just doesnt make any sense to me!!! Please help!!!
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