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Chopper Greg 19:53 30th July 2010
Originally Posted by Azhael:
I understand itīs a lot easier to pronounce scientific names as one would say the word in his own language, but i think it nullifies the basic purpose of scientific nomenclature which is to be exactly the same for absolutely everyone, with no possible mistake.
As i said i generally find it really hard to understand an english speaker using scientific names, and i take for granted that any english speaker would have a hard time understanding me....which is a bummer.

And there in is the problem with trying to get people to use scientific nomenclature and despite it's intent it is not actually working when people of different native languages are talking to each other - as opposed to communicating in text.

I submit, that scientific nomenclature using Latin worked well when Latin was about the only universal language and writing was about the only way people from different countries could communicate with each other ( as actually travel was all but imposable except for a select few ), but, the use of Latin now for scientific nomenclature forces people back to using a somewhat out of date form of communication ( text ) to make sure that they are understood as Latin is unable to deal with the way people actual pronounce words and is no longer the universal language it once was.

I then pose the questions:

Should Latin be replaced as the language of scientific nomenclature?

Is there another language that would be better suited for use?

Why or why not?