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Default Re: How to keep nightcrawlers alive????

You live somewhat close to me, I assume. What I notice is when you buy nightcrawlers from pet stores, bait shops, or Wal Mart this time of year, they're often not as healthy as when you buy them in the warmer seasons. Why? Because they freeze in the trucks during the shipping process in these winter months. This might be the cause of your problem. I noticed this time of year I'm often scrambling around, store to store, trying to find healthy nightcrawlers, and I rarely get lucky. I resort to other foods when I have to: crickets (I cut off their heads), frozen bloodworms (they make a mess though), small fish (it is suggested to quarantine them so you don't get your axy sick.) It's all an extra pain...
Don't know if this helps, or if I'm just sharing personal experiences, xD.
When I do have healthy nightcrawlers, though, the fridge is just fine for me, without having to add anything for them.
Good luck and cheers!
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