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Default Re: New Subforum Topics - Post them to this thread please

Originally Posted by Ishah View Post
Seeing's as this is the topic thats currently plaguing me and prompted me to join here... What about a "Feeding" sub-topic/sub-category? I'm only new to this forum, so I may have missed it, if this is the case, my apologies.

Or do feeding questions no matter how new to the hobby you are, all just go in the "advanced amphibian" sub-forum of Feeding etc or something? I posted it in the beginner section, as that is what I am... Sorry, I get lost on this forum pretty easily, as like I said, I'm new, and don't remember so easily where I saw things etc... So forgive me if I post in the wrong section or I post something that is already a topic/thread in a different section, but I do try and search to see if its already been posted previously, just maybe some of my searches are too specific and dont include all of the sub-forums etc... Just takes getting use to the different set up and system of this forum I spose...? I'm much more confident in using and finding my way around other forums
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