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Default Is a 10 gallon acceptable for even a juvenile?

I currently have my juvenile in a 10 gallon tank. Today I noticed Pearl was acting a little strange, so I checked my parameters and, to my surprise, there was ammonia in the water. I have fish tanks so I havenít had to cycle a tank in forever (I always use media from another tank). My nitrates were also high which leads me to believe that this juvenile is overloading my bacteria in a 10 gallon tank with a canister filter with 100gph. Iíve only had her since Wednesday so that is really surprising to me. Is even a juvenile gonna be difficult if in a 10 gallon? I didnít have a turkey blaster so leftover food may be the issue, but will it still be difficult? I have a 25 gallon cube I can upgrade her to, but I was going to get a 20 gallon long because it doesnít have the wasted height.

If you have an Axolotl in a 10 gallon tank, how often do you do water changes and do you find it manageable?

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