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Originally Posted by Kitan View Post
Yes, 10 gal is acceptable for an juvenile. 20 cube won't be great as I expect it has less floor room.

Now, no matter what size tank you have, 'lotl's produce a lot of waste. You need a turkey baster for daily poop clean up's and excess food removal. If you don't have a turkey baster, switch to cut up night crawlers as soon as you can and feed one piece at a time so there is no leftovers. Syphon out the poop or use a net. Make sure you are doing a 25% water change weekly.

To get you parameters down, big change today and then moderate changes until they are in the proper range. What are you setting at, parameter wise?

The 25 gallon is about 20inches long by 18inches wide, so it actually has a bit more floor space than the 10 gallon. The turkey blaster came in yesterday (it took longer than I thought to ship).

I believe it was 2 ppm ammonia and around 80ppm nitrate so I did an 80% water change (with matching temperature, of course) and then I will recheck parameters tonight and probably do a 25-50% water change. I also added some extra prime to bind any leftover ammonia.

So, I guess my question really boils down to will weekly water changes be enough assuming Iím more diligent about removing uneaten food or am I likely to be doing biweekly or even daily water changes in this small of a tank?

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