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Default Axolotl eggs not hatching

I got 25 eggs and had 13 hatch. The first 3 hatched on 11/18 and had 2 hatch the next day and 3 the following day and then 4 on 11/21. There is still 11 unhatched (had "twins" in one egg lol). I accidently broke open 2 eggs when i was trying to move the hatched larvae and their eggs with a turkey baster and i accidentally got a hold of them too. one of them died and the other one seemed ok. I have read that they might hatch days apart but think its odd that there hasnt been any hatching for 3 days after having several every day.
I only had eggs 1 other time. I read i can help them hatch but with one dying when i did it on
accident makes me nervous to go that route. They stopped moving too. I had eggs die the first time i had eggs bc of a dumb mistake on my part and they don't look like those did, one seems to be becoming more "fuzzy" or foggy but at another angle it looks clear still so it is a bit confusing. I figured it was best to let them hatch on their own and would prefer that but also wondering how long i should wait before "helping" them hatch or if there was anything else i should do.
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