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Originally Posted by Kitan View Post
Dang, 2 ppm is really high!

OH! 25 gal! I misread. And I had assumed a literal cube with all sides even. Yeah, that will be more ideal for you and them, absolutely. Increased water volume will help reduce ammonia concentration and your 'lotl will appreciate the extra floor space :)

25% once a week will likely be fine once you get all the parameters back in check, provided you keep up on removing waste (excess food AND poop) daily. Also I would completely avoid feeding frozen food while in the 10 gal if you are; there is a really high bio load there. Nightcrawlers (cut into small pieces and fed one at a time) tend to be better for that.

Iím really stumped honestly. With the seeded filter the tank should be completely cycled by now; However, the opposite seems to be happening. I quickly checked parameters tonight to see if I need a water change (didnít check nitrate as they arenít important right now, but will check tomorrow). 4ppm ammonia!!! I donít understand. Thereís no waste in the tank to be producing that. Also 0ppm nitrite which leads me to believe that the cycle is completely crashed. I will confirm that with a nitrate test tomorrow.

Iím feeding cut up worms. I stopped feeding the blood worms after the third feeding bc of how messy they were. I turkey baster out any poops, but ammonia is still being produced at very high levels. I think Iím going to test my tap water tomorrow and make sure Iím not introducing ammonia.

Pearl, thankfully, does not seem to be affected, so hopefully I am managing it well. She has doubled in size, her gills have gotten larger with more lush filaments and sheís eating like a pig. I just wish I could figure this out.

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