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Default Re: Is a 10 gallon acceptable for even a juvenile?

What are you using to treat the water, and what kind of test kit are you using? I use the API test kit for everything else, but to test ammonia I use a Seachem ammonia test kit. As I understand it, free ammonia is the thing to watch out for. API only shows total ammonia. (And you can get false ammonia readings with Prime, althougnits a great water conditioner, I use it all the time.) I spent a good bit of time freaking out about my water levels in the new axolotl tank until I figured that out. Maybe you’ll get a different result with the Seachem kit?

I think Kitan’s advice is spot on - earthworms and siphon out the tank daily, and of course regular water changes. Earthworms are a great diet. I started a worm farm in a bin in my basement, so I could feed my axolotls locally sourced, artisanal organic gluten free worms. : )

Good luck, it can be a bit scary at first. Water changes are a good stop gap while you dial in everything else.
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