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Default Re: What Is Your Favorite Genus of North American Plethodontids?

I would say Aneides for sure, I love their personality. Discovering a few A. lugubris recently rekindled my passion for salamanders, especially Plethodontids.

I used to find Batrachoseps attenuatus and Coast Range newts in my hometown all the time when I was a kid, and I even found a few Dicamptodon tenebrosus once while on vacation. Unfortunately, about ten years ago I noticed a sharp decline in the number of amphibians in my hometown and had a hard time finding them, which I am sure had something to do with pollution (there's an oil refinery, and a junkyard that has old cars leaking oil and probably PCB's into a creek, not to mention all the littering).

Because of that, I almost forgot about fieldherping; until a walk through the woods in my new hometown the other day yielded a nice surprise. The A. lugubris that I found were the first salamanders I had seen since the D. tenebrosus I saw over 5 years ago.
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