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Default Re: Dreams of a huge axolotl tank

Originally Posted by Shivermetim View Post
Yes that gives me another idea what if you had connecting tanks say four of those with tubes going to a central so u have a tank in each room and the axies can visit whoever well almost wherever in the house you happen to be because if I go with one I would like it to be taller than that does anyone know the average depths there natural environment is and it's max depths and can a axolotl drown like a betta if no access to surface
Tubes would work, I doubt they'd get lost in a tube as long as you make sure they can see each end when they are in there.
It would cost a ton, would require ridiculous filtration, and truthfully the axolotls would probably just hang out in the tank you originally put them in lol. It would be very hard to keep cool. Water changes would take sooooo much water haha.
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