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Default Re: Red salamander (Pseudotriton ruber)

That's a good question; perhaps one of the other folks who have kept springs and reds together for longer than I have could give a fuller picture. Tristan Clark (herphunter1998 here) had/has several cohabiting for awhile I think. User taherman here might also be a good resource--he's cared for both reds and springs, along with a plethora of other species, at the Toledo zoo. (I have no idea if they were housed together, but he is probably pretty knowledgeable about the species' care and the potential effects of reds' toxicity.)

You might also try to get in touch with either Mark Schick or Eve Barrs at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium--they helped oversee the Amphibians special collection there, and the centerpiece of that collection was a large waterfall paludarium housing slimies, long-tails, caves, four-toeds, and a number of other species along with at least 7-8 large adult eastern newts. I unfortunately haven't been able to find contact info for either of them, but I think they could be of help to you.

Best of luck!
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