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Default Axolotl got into siphon

Okay so as I was doing my every 2 day 50% water change since my tank's cycling, I was siphoning out the water, while on the computer just checking the bucket to see when it's full every now and then. After a few checks or so, I noticed my axolotl had seemed to get himself in the siphon(little bugger!) so I quickly ran over and pulled the siphon out carefully as to not injure him, he spazzed out and swam around until he got into a corner and stopped, I put some bloodworms in his dish, some cold water bottles in his tank and his tank's sitting at 18C( would usually be 20-21 or so in the summer here, which doesn't worry me but I drop a couple 2L bottles of water in there to let them cool the tank off a few degrees) now, and just let him stay in his tank with cool, clean water, and the shades are down so no sun or light at all, he ate a ghost shrimp that I found nearly dead in the tank guess it was old or something, and he also is eating bloodworms as I type this, a good amount I put in his bowl as well!

Question is, should he be okay? There's no visual damage that is seen to the eye on him, his legs are fine, his gills are a bit darker than usual, but no fungus can be seen. I think he'll be fine but would like the input from the great and powerful community of Caudata! I'll also include some pictures of him pigging out in his food dish that were just taken, he looks healthy aside from his gills being a bit darker but I don't think that's much to worry about, is it? Sorry about the bad quality, iPod cameras suck! :P

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