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Last weekend i visited the largest pet store in Sydney. There, they have all manner of things (most very well kept) including a large clown knife fish called Polly Click the image to open in full size.

This time however, they had 'salamanders' which is odd, because as far as i know, the only legal exotic amphibian the public can keep in Australia is A. mexicanum.

So this got me puzzled.

Second was the *fact sheet* not mentioning anything on exactly HOW they got them to morph (i assume iodine, but i could be mistaken)

The top of the fact sheet said A.mexicanum OR A tigrinum... again, puzzling.

The average lifespan of a salamander is between 8-10 years... is this correct? i mean after the stress of morphing and all?

There are a few other bits in the leaflet, about being carnivores and requiring an all-live diet. Surely they will take some processed food or veggie matter even after morphing?

Actually, the most annoying thing is that they mass produced this leaflet and referred to it as a 'vertebrae creature'. Gives you an odd dinosaur vision aye? *lol*

Anyway, a bit of insider knowledge would be great. I hate having trends start and not knowing all the facts... hard to make a good decision on where you stand that way Click the image to open in full size.
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