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-A. mexicanum is a salamander (although its almost 100% always in larval form)
-most dont morph, and wont morph, and those forced to morph usually die. iodine is one substance used to "force" a mrophing, but is dangerous.
-A. mexicanum and A. tigrinium (mavortium now, unless you're talking about eastern tigers) in larval form look nearly identical, but as far as i know, only axies are legal in australia.
-if kept in larval form, axies can live a good 10 years, but if forced to morph, most die within a few years
-they are carnivorous, and dont eat veggies. some people feed their axies sinking axie pellets, but these are processed meat.
-they are vertebrates, just like you, me, the neighbor's dog, and goldfish. they have a spinal column, making them vertebrates is a good page to check out for general information.
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