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LOL yes, they are vertebraTe creatures, not vertebrae creatures! That was just me nit-picking a professional document Click the image to open in full size. sorry!

So they are technically classed as salamanders even tho they dont reach adult form? OK.

With the food, surely they require some veggie matter for a properly functioning gut? Perhaps gut-packed live food?
I noticed the 'fish meal' as the first ingredient on the algae pellets! very cheeky!

Being so dopey when they attack food, i would think in the wild that they would sometimes suck in a mouthful of plant matter with the food object.

Are they able to digest plant matter at all? does it need to be predigested (inside a critter)? If they are unable to digest it, would it do anything other than act as a sort of laxative?

Thanks very much for your help Kaysie Click the image to open in full size.
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