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Rep: pollywog has shown reliable knowledgepollywog has shown reliable knowledge

I asked you not to post trade prices as I feel it is not a nice thing to do, you are entrusted with those prices confidentially by the suppliers and I feel to share these prices with others is not something that should be done.
I do not attempt to use this site to further my business.
I do send e-mails with the e-mail address hidden as "undisclosed recipients", these e-mails are sent to my customers and potential customers, sorry I must have got your address mixed in with them when I typed out the list, I shall remove it now, and yes I do have a lot of other customers that use this site but that does not mean that I am using this site to target potential customers!
The reason I hide the address' on these e-mails is that some of my customers are also traders and I do not wish them to have the e-mail address of my customers.
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