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Default Re: Couple of worm farming questions

Red wigglers can live a long time under water so as long as at least half ya media is not drenched, imo drainage holes are not needed. I just use buckets or tubs in watch my water level....but ideal ya want the media not quite drenched even at the bottom helps the other oxygen loving micro life in the compost too.....

I've tried to culture a lot a worms species and most do fine kept cool outside but inside or out red wigglers are the most foolproof for me. Over the years I even have a wild population a red wigglers that over winter here in Southern Colorado fine. I really like it because outside it gives me three species at different ground levels in different niches available to use for feed but also working to make me fertilizer for my own food 24/7 at all three important root zone levels.......Night crawlers go deep when it gets o hot dry or too cold, my regular earthworms are in the middle and the wigglers prefer the top freshly rotting or root zone area of the soil when they are not frozen or hibernating. I haven't quite figured out how they are over wintering here but the population has grown n grown since I started using them maybe 7 or so years ago.....I got my original wigglers from Uncle Jim's and last year I refreshed genetics with some a local worm farmers wigglers. Worms are interesting to me but red wigglers are fascinating all their own. More like a giant version of much smaller worm species ya find them in balls even in natural soil outside idk if its because they remain close to the cyst they hatch from or what? Makes them easy to wrangle. And get to know wigglers a lil you can totally see how they can consume even a large mass of meat "lol" in a short amount a time to bare bone........
outside I've seen them eat a lot a manure and different rotten veggies n leaves or whatever extremely fast.........

peace best wishes getting things all wormy!

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