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Default Re: Couple of worm farming questions

he he he although I never owned any those huge Aussie worms they fascinate me......definitely remind me a throw back from ancient times. Very neat. Australia as a whole just blows my mind in one day I'd love to travel there in just explore the nature for a month or so Darwin style......Everything there is so different n a lot of it dangerous, right up my creep show type alley.

I have gathered in my homework on giants they like trout a lot, but as stated above I bet hungry any sorta meat be considered. I imagine trout is one the healthiest diets though cuz I eat a lot of it here in Colorado and it is a very wholesome landlocked cousin of a salmon. I prefer ones from cold lakes here that ate enough fresh water scuds to have beautiful pink/orange meat but even white meat fish eating mostly worms from our rivers are excellent eating. We got Kokanee salmon here (a land locked species a true salmon) but they stay very deep most the year and usually ice fisherman catch them.I occasionally get one night fishing with a worm but not often.

Lol.......too cool the folks feeding the giants wear Kevlar gloves! I guess their bite packs an amazing punch. Well don't get me too excited on the giants.I am too poor atm to get in on them if they were to become available finally. But soon come I can almost guarantee chinese giant imports will be available and cites legal in America. And they spawn similar quantity to an axolotl so although the first few pairs may be out a reach. I hypothesize them being fairly affordable withing ten to twenty years here......just a guess but I know a couple aquatic biologists here. I should get a legit group a actual cb firebellies today I'm excited for now like a kid before species I adored as a child n must admit took for granted. I dig aquatic caudates....I spent all evening watching my crested newts interact......amazing lil creatures.

dennis .
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