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Default Re: Curled forward gills, but there is no water movement?

Ouch, Nitrates are high. Seems like you're in for a cycling spell. Nitrates should be 0. I think what most people do in this situation is partial water changes every two or three days, just to keep the levels non-toxic. Not sure, though. >_<

I've had the same problems with my lotls Cole and Pandor. Whiteness on the gills, but doesn't -seem- fungusy. -_-; I'm hoping to get answers for this myself, without having to rip the tank apart. Haha.

As far as the filter goes, have you tried making something like a DIY spray-bar? You can use a piece of filter foam, or something similar, and silicone/tie/rubberband it to the filter so that it lessens the force of the flow. I've also seen people do similar things with floating plants, arranging them to stay in that corner specifically for the reason of dampening the filter's force. You could also attach something to the actual -intake- of the filter to reduce the suction, therefore reducing the flow. :) Many, manyy ways to do it. You just gotta be creative.
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