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Default Re: Curled forward gills, but there is no water movement?

I second about the gill nipping, just keep an eye on it. I personally have a few White Clouds in with my lotls, too, and they seem pretty smart. They tend to keep away from the "giant things with mouths" and I have no noticed any gill nipping at all. There's always that temptation, though.

The plastic bottle trick is a good idea, Carson, I've never though about that. And if you get a clear enough bottle, you probably wouldn't even notice it in the water.

Laaine, if you want plants, get some that grow fast and propagate like mad. Then you'll have plenty. I started out about a year ago with some Water Sprite for my fish tanks. I now have Water Sprite in EVERY SINGLE TANK IN MY HOUSE. That's five tanks chock full to the BRIM with Water Sprite. I just had to chuck some away last week. I don't know what Candada's postal policy is on shipping Live Plants... If you wanna find out for me, I'll mail you some. All you gotta pay is shipping, just TAKE the stuff. It's a nice, pretty green color. Cabomba and Anacharis(Elodea) is also a fast growing, and is slightly darker green.
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