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Default Enclosures for small Plethodontids

Hi all,
How does everyone house their small Plethodontids? I have two B. attenuatus in a small, rather opaque tupperware. I would like to set them up in a tank with better clarity. I recently purchased a medium exo terra breeding box, but found that the ventilation gaps are big enough to allow fruit flies to get out, and the gaps around the feeding ports seem like they could be big enough to allow the salamanders to potentially escape. I have used no-see-um mesh on kritter keepers between the lid and the tank before, but didn't like that option very much, especially as it allowed these tanks to get quite dry between waterings. Is there a good commercial option that I'm overlooking? Something that is optically clear, airtight enough to prevent the escape of fruit flies, and that can be easily modified to provide a bit of ventilation? Thanks for the help!

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