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The way I cycled my tank was by adding something called 'EasyLife'. It contains the useful bacteria, etc. as well as dechlorinating and clearing the water. I added this (90ml to start for a 90L/20g tank) with the filter running. Water was cloudy for a few days. At the end of the week, I did a 15-20% water change and added 30ml more. Repeated for about two-three weeks with regular water changes and constant testing. Ammonia starts high, then nitrites increase, ammonia drops to 0 and nitrites drop to 0, then you get a reading for nitrate over the course of a few weeks. After that, it's ready for the axolotl, but there are other ways of doing it. I would say definitely cycle before you put the axolotl in, that way the transition will be way less stressful.

I would also say be careful with the minnows - tank mates can nip on axolotl gills and stress them out, and they could be carrying parasites (which would just be a nightmare if it ate one). However, lots of people do find fish-in cycling easier.
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