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Default 回复: Wanting advice after having bad advice from breeder. I'm a newbie.

You won't ever need a heater for an axolotl tank in the UK. ESPECIALLY in the weather we are having right now. I would remove it right away.

I am also quite concerned about your tank cycling situation...if you filled the tank on Wednesday and put the axolotls in on Thursday your tank isn't cycled, and without cycling there is a fair chance that your axolotls will not survive. I don't want to have a go but you really should have done some research before getting your pet, even if you had advice from a breeder axolotl husbandry is complicated and a cursory google would have sufficed. It makes me angry that some careless breeder is handing out axolotls with such awful misleading advice . But i'm really glad you're seeking advice now and you obviously care about your little guys. There is still time to salvage the situation!

I would recommend you read up about cycling, and do very frequent, large water changes in the mean time until it is completed. Cycling can take anywhere between 6-8 weeks, which is why most people cycle their tanks long before they get their animal. You can do in-tank cycling, but because the axolotls are sitting in their own waste (the bacteria have not been grown through the cycling process that would usually remove it) it will be cruel if you do not do these water changes and can potentially make them sick or kill them. I would say you'd need to change at least 50% daily or every other day, but you need to buy a water testing kit (from API, not the paper tests as they are very inaccurate) and monitor the situation so you know how much and often you'll need to do water changes. You'll also be able to see when the cycling is complete that way, and how the process is progressing.

Some plants will help to reduce some of the waste produced, but as axolotls like dark environments you will need to choose plants that need little light and no supplementary CO2. I would recommend going to an aquarium store and asking for advice.
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