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Default Re: Rescue.. so tiny .. :-(

Oh boy, that little one is very little. I'm not sure it'll make it, but lets keep our hopes up!
The frequent water changes are good to keep the quality up.

The biggest issue here, besides getting it to eat, is not feeding it too much too quickly where it goes into shock. I would suggest very small feedings, but offer food frequently if refused. Small black worms would probably be fine, as well as bits of bloodworm cubes at this stage. Keeping the tank dark will probably help with stress. If you have a fake, soft, leafy plant you can put in, or a small hide that will also help it not feel exposed and stressed.

As it starts to put on weight you can increase the amount fed.
Just try to get it to eat small bits for now. Anything is better than nothing.
Keep using bare bottom, I highly doubt it, given how skinny it is, but there's always a chance it swallowed a bit of gravel from the store tank and keeping it bare bottom will help you spot it if any is passed.

Try to keep it cool, clean, and safe feeling while offering small bits of food. That's probably the best you can do for right now. Best of luck.

EDIT: Have you noticed it having issues getting air? It seems to have very small gills. Maybe even drop the water level a bit if you can in case it needs to gulp air frequently. If it doesn't have an issue with air keep it the same.
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