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Originally Posted by Etrigan View Post
The Baitshop is far closer to me than the petshop, are earthworms from a baitshop still safe for axolotls? Dakkagor asked above, I couldn't see an answer :)
I asked the guy at my local tackle shop if chemicals had been used with their soil and such and he said no. Whether he was telling the truth or not is a different story haha. That's the only place I've found them and I still have plenty of worms that I feed and keep moist (I've had them for well over a month now). I just wash them thoroughly in water prior to feeding and my axies love them, there have been no bad side effects so far. You may just have to double check with them & stress that they will be used as food for your pet and hopefully they don't lie to you just to get a sale!
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