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Default Re: Looking for input - A. texanum as pets

I might have to build a large outdoor enclosure and try the captive bred route. Our cellar might have the right conditions however.

This winter, my two tigers went into hibernation, and when we had a warmer period, the male came out and went in and out of the water in a hurry, while the female just sat in the water. I thought they were trying to breed, but nothing came of it. Sadly, I moved them to my 75 gallon tank, and in the process, the male caught some strange skin infection and died. I think the other two I have are also female, so I won't be able to try breeding them again till I find a male. But regardless, the cellar temperatures get in the 40s ( - it's open to the crawl space) in winter, and stays cool in the summer, so I think that even if I had a population of 5 to 10 smallmouth in the right conditions, I could simulate the seasons and trigger breeding. Or at least, it'd be fun to try.

Ideally, I'd have deep land/suitable water setups for not only the tigers and smallmouth, but other Ambystomids as well. I've always wanted spotteds and marbled, and the blue-spotted seem pleasant as well. If I had the right set-ups (in process now), I'd just let the natural temperature fluctuation of the cellar do the work, and maybe get lucky every once in a while. I've got quite a lot of worms breeding, and enough daphnia for a small army. Just need some more mouths!
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