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This happene last year, but I decided I should probably post it anyway. I went in one night and saw some leopard geckos. I fell in love with the three and my mom go me them as an early birthday gift. They were housed on ground walnut shells. They asked if I needed a tank and I said I had an extra 20 gallon at home. They told me this would be enough room for all three. They asked if I needed sand and I said I would be using newspaper as substrate which they said was a bad idea and sand as better. They also told me to buy UVB and heating lamps instead of a heating pad. Now I had read up on these before because I had wanted some for a while, but I assumed they must have known what try we're talki about since I was a newbie to the herp world at the time. Within a week, one of them was so bad it couldn't lift itself do we went in for a refun and they said that he would die by the next day and gave me a refun since it was in the 2 week refund period. Realizing that impaction was the cause, I took the substrate out. By then however, it was too late my other Leopard geckp had been impacted. I tried warm baths, massaging the belly, and other common treatments. By the time he passed all the sand and was no longer blocked up, he was beyond healing and passed away the next day. This is where I got very upset. I realized I had been lied to in the store and lost 2 of my lizard sbecause they wanted to make a buck off of two amateur reptile owners. I went back to te store and went in with an article on impaction. They said that "that's just one article" to which I unhappily responded "there were plenty of other articles saying the same thing." When we said the walnut shells caused it they said that it's standard practice to house desert reptiles on that. He interrupted me before I could reply saying that Leopard geckos live in rocky deserts. He said that he offered to take him back when I went in with the two that weren't eating (the one go died and the one who I still have that survived) and I replied saying that he offere to take back the one that was beginning to eating again and that the one who died looked fine at the time I brought the other one in. The manager then went on to say he resold the one I had returned with another leopard gecko. The one he said would die. Oddly enough, there hadn't been any other leopard geckos in the store other than the 3 I bought. Overall, I was lied to, the manager was very rude to me and came off as a know it all (who in fact knew very little,) and I was very unsatisfied by the quality of their service and the tanks and Che's there animals were in. They had dead fish floating in some of the tanks. This store has completely turned me off from chain pet stores and avoid them whenever possible. I know this isn't about caudates, but I feel it still is valid to warn people about this chain store.
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