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Talking Re: Axolotl Eggs For Sale!


Golden Albino father and definitely Dark WT mother...possibly also Leucistic mother. *photos of the parents can be seen in my caudata albums.

Prior offspring: golden albino, white albino, leucistic, freckled leucistic, super light wild types to dark WTs(beautiful spots!), aaaaand..... two chimeras!

I plan to ship this week. I package with care, and use long lasting cold packs and insulated packaging if needed. And I send extras! Live and safe arrival guaranteed

Flat rates(which include both the egg(s) AND the shipping!):

1-30 eggs + priority shipping= $25
31- 50 eggs + priority shipping= $35
51-75 eggs + priority shipping= $40
76-100 eggs + priority shipping= $45
101-200 eggs + priority shipping = $65
201+ *Contact to discuss rates*
I breed & raise almost every color morph! Eggs available occasionally. Check out my Facebook page:
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