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Default Re: Paramesotriton chinensis/hongkonensis hybrids

Hi, thanks for commenting on the different views.I agree to keep the bloodlines pure, This hybridization was not searched but I have to admit that I have really wanted to see the development of these offspring because they are two very different species morphologically and view them in adult size seems very interesting.
No way I'll sacrifice the animals!, I have the opportunity to enjoy a group paramesotritones cb.
Regarding breeding, the metamorphic need to be removed rapidly from a land area aquaterrariums because they are very likely to drown when they complete metamorphosis.
Movements are shy and slow compared with other youth from different species but with growth, this behavior is changing.

I know you are sick and tired of all this, Erfus, i do xD I hope you understand, though, why it is an issue for so many of us.
Azhael No problem, I understand perfectly that the debate is always controversial hybridization and everyone has a right to their opinion.

a greeting
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