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Default Re: Worm pellets - too good to be true? or perfect for the squeamish?

I read on another thread that ZooMed and the type you sell were very similar? He loves those. Also, this morning I broke a small worm stick in two tiny pieces and he ate one eagerly. I tried soaking but they mushed too much; there's no stage between stiff and mushed, bit of a design flaw. So I will keep the impaction risk in mind and just offer one or two of those for variety alongside the semi-moist pellets. I don't mind offering worms occasionally (as long as I don't have to chop them up!), especially as he gets bigger and needs fewer feedings. I've had frogs and lizards in the past and have done the whole cricket-dusting/tubs of larvae in the fridge routine before . . . Love the pellets! :-D
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