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Default Re: My 9 year old Axolotl has a tumor that has been growing for most of its life, please help

Originally Posted by Aleahsaxolotls View Post
It has to be something that is due to water or something Iíve seen three differ t things with the same issue I need help Iím in Washington and there really isnít an aquarium doctor around here
im also in Washington, there are a few specialists in the seattle area if you search google for "amphibian vet" they should pop up. i havent had to call one yet so they might not have much axolotl experience however.

have you done any treatments yet? my general advice would be to isolate in a smaller container and change the water twice a day first, then i would probably dose with Furan-2 to rule out the various bacterial/fungal infections that medicine treats. if there's still no improvement or it worsens after 3-5 days of treatment then i would be looking for any sign that would indicate if its not just a tumor. axolotls get tumors fairly often and sometimes it doesnt hurt them at all
if you think it may be related to water quality the first thing to check is water hardness around here, im in seattle and the tap water comes out 0 everything with a low pH of 6.5-6.8. i add seachem equilibrium and alkaline buffer to keep my tanks in the ideal ranges shown here
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