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Question Refusing nightcrawlers

Hi there. My little girl is about a year old. I got her in July of last year she was already 3 months old then so yeah she's about a year old.
Her tank mate passed away about a month ago. Since then she had been refusing earth worms. She'll eat blood worms but I usually just used those for treats..
She'll see the worm when it's feeding time. Go for it, get it in her mouth then she shoots it out. I'll leave the worm in the tank for a bit and she'll continue to do it, but not eat it. Just grab hold with her jaws then spit it out until I take it out of the tank. Water parameters are on point. (Ph=6.6ppm, ammonia=.50ppm, nitrite=.50ppm, nitrate=10ppm) I haven't done my water change yet today. Usually do it at night before bed. I have a sponge filter and do daily 30-40% water changes and spot cleaning. I have aquarium sand as substrate, water is usually 20 degrees Celsius, today it's at 17-18 degrees Celsius.

It's like she's either playing with it or taking out her frustration on the poor thing. She needed more then bloodworms to stay healthy. I just have no idea why she's acting like this. Like I said, it's been since her tank mate passed away, well the last couple weeks she ate here and there but way less then she was. Before then she ate earth worms like a champ. Any ideas?

Oh I'm giving her regular whole earthworms, Canadian. Even cut in half she won't take it. I was thinking about switching to red wigglers since they are smaller. Hopefully I can get some tips.
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