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Question Is housing new axolotls together a bad idea?

Hi, me again.

I was wondering if its a bad idea to 'move in' a new axolotl with the little guy I already own.

The axolotl I currently own is named Axle and is about one year old, male and very friendly. I understand that axolotls do not need tank mates but I am interested in owning another one and was wondering if it is possible or too risky.

Axle has a 35 gallon tank that is two foot long and about one foot in width (I can get exact measurements if needed), is this able to house two male axolotls?

Is there a possibility that Axle could become aggressive if a new tank mate is introduced (Being that the other axie is not aggressive)?

If getting a new tank mate for Axle is possible, how would I go about introducing them and making sure they are compatible together??

Is there any important information I may have missed?

I know that you should introduced roughly the same sized axolotls together. I would not want to introduce axolotls together if their environment is not subtitle and would never want to put animals in danger for no reason without knowing everything before hand.

Thank you for your help and suggestions,

Chloe (Kumamon)
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