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Question Daphnia - am I doing it right?

So I have one 10g tank of Daphnia Magna and a larger tub of Pulex/moina and some magna. I keep a T5 fluorescent grow light on both 12/12hrs. I feed only active dry yeast when the water clears up, and regularly cull a few net fulls every week for my adult axolotls to hunt. Both setups have an open airline anchored with a piece of natural slate for aeration. Both have been running for about a month, and generally epipphia/black eggs are produced by 10% or less of the population. I change 20-30% of the water per week. My setup and idea is based on the caudata culture article for culturing daphnia. Just a few questions!
- The sediment on the bottom of both has accumulated and it is rather unsightly. Is it fouling the water? Am I really supposed to just leave it?
- The whispy green algae has been rapidly taking over both setups. Is that beneficial or should I get rid of it?
- All surfaces are becoming covered with debris/algae, however many of the smaller daphnia/moina seem to cling to the sides. Should I use my mag-float to clean the surfaces or leave it?
- I have 2 small sponge filters on the way for those open airlines for mechanical filtration and encouragement of beneficial bacteria. Is this a good idea?
Any other hints or tips would be greatly appreciated! I am trying to get my axolotls to breed so I'd like a steady supply for the babies.
First pics are of 10g tank, next are the plastic tub, then both.
It's been years since I've cultured daphnia, so again any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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