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Default Axolots for sale

I have sixteen-4inch and approximately one hundred 2.5 to 3+ inch Axolotls. All Juvies have been raised in a combination of Holtrefeter's and Johns' Solution. Starting out with Pure Milli-Q water. Once hatched they where feed BBS and now have graduated to blackworms. The eggs were bought from various (reputable breeders) from this site, for culling purposes.
Offering the various strains of (including some G.F.P.)

Wild type
Golden Albino
Axanthic Albino

Price are (excluding the Axanthic)
$20.00 per Axie.
2 for $35.00

Axanthic Albino is $40.00

Plus shipping...via U.S.P.S.
Guaranteed overnight. Any other method not guaranteed.

Payment via paypal.
P.M. me if interested.
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