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Originally Posted by Lucky10v3 View Post
would any of these help? API Melafix. Enrofloxacin, API Furan-2, Methylene Blue, Maracyn, API E.M. Erythromycin, or Mercurochrome. i did deeper research and these are said to be safe also recommended a salt bath? Any ideas? or does no one know, which may explain y every1 is saying vet rather that offering solutions.

Enrofloxacin is the generic form of the antibiotic baytril which was prescribed to some one by a vet.

Everyone is saying "vet rather than offering solutions" because we are not trained animal doctors who deal with infections in amphibians.
I'm not going to give you advice on how to euthanize your Axolotl unless I know what I'm talking about, I don't want to see the poor thing go through anymore unnecessary suffering.
That's why everyone is telling you to take it to a vet, there's no need to be so ignorant.
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