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Default Re: Axolotl with small gills

Switch to live earthworms as a staple and throw in a few axies pellets a couple of times a week.
A 'healthy' weight for an axie is their stomach is approx as wide as their head. If your axies tummies are thinner then feed more/more often, if their tummies are bigger, cut back on the amount your feeding.
Bloodworms are not nutritionally enough for them once they are 4"+ so i would cut these out and only feed occasionally as a 'treat'.

Their gill size could be gentic but also gills tend to be smaller when your water is more oxygenated as they dont need as many fillaments to get the oxygen.

I also suspect your water parameters for Ammonia, NitrIte and nitrAte may be off, have you ever cycled your tank? This is important in keeping healthy aquatic animals. A sponge filter only does biological filtration it doesnt offer chemical filtration. Also a 4" sponge filter sounds pretty small for a 30 gallon tank, you may need to buy either another sponge filter or a filter that also chemically filters your tanks, i know a few members use the fluval filters.
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