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Default Re: Axolotls are extremely sick, red fungus, dying

*hugs* I'm sorry for what you are going through.

The red really does sound like ammonia burns which, if you had a decomposing axolotl in there, is not at all surprising. On top of that, if you haven't been able to clean the tank, your efforts will have had no impact as all that bacteria and fungus are still happily living in the tank. I think your axolotl immediately needs salt baths and fridging (with 100% daily water changes) if there is any hope and then the tank needs to be throughly cleaned before they he can go back in. Which may require re-cycling your tank. Hopefully the more experienced people can chime in.

Either way, with love, I would suggest if you can get him back to good health, you should consider rehoming BECAUSE you care about him. You aren't in a place right now where you can provide him what he needs to thrive. I totally get that you care and that depression is stopping you from being able to do what he needs for care. It isn't that it is easy for everyone else, it takes a fair bit of effort. Additionally, it is clearly causing you stress and will NOT help with your current mental well being. Right now I would avoid caged/tanked animals and just work on you and your happiness.
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