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Default Re: Which Plethodontidae is easy for a beginner?

Hey! Sorry no one has replied to you yet! I don't have much experience with these kinds of Salamanders, but I'll try to help you out a bit.

I have done a little research on the two species you seem interested in. Eurycea cirrigera seems to be a semi-aquatic species and so I think that, as a beginner, Plethodon glutinosus would be easier to care for. This way you can have a strictly terrestrial habitat. You wouldn't have to worry about water quality as much and a set up is typically cheaper that way. It is also worthy to note that Plethodon glutinosus tend to be aggressive when defending territories, so you may want a large tank if your planning on having a couple, or maybe just stick with one if you are just having it for education or recreational purposes. They both are reported to eat small invertebrates, so if you can set up a living terrarium ahead of time and get it stable, keeping them fed should be pretty cheap as well. However, if you are intimidated by that, flightless fruit flies can be cultured pretty easily for them and you can just dust them with powder for extra nutrients. I personally have a living terrarium of isopods, millipedes, snails, and some worms.

All the information I gathered was found on I suggest taking a look for yourself and see what their habits are and their needs to come to a decision. This hobby always requires a bit of homework. It is totally worth it in the end though! I hope this helps!
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