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Default Re: Which Plethodontidae is easy for a beginner?

Hi Nat1
Thanks for your kind advice.
yes this family Plethodontids is very diverse and there seems to be very little species specific information about keeping and caring for them.
for example i have seen Eurycea Guttolineata available for a while but i am not very sure how to take good care of them.
Pletodon Glutinous is commonly available and on my wish list, but a few question marks about them.. they seems to have short lifespan in captivity? difficult to breed?
and also Arboreal types Bolitoglossa mexicana. how do you take care of them?

Originally Posted by Nat1 View Post
Hello, I second the vote for pletodon glutinous, although I've not kept them, I know their range extends to Florida, so I would expect that they can deal with 22C at least for short periods. Their morphs or phenotypes can be quite diverse though. Some are quite robust, with certain color patterns, while others are thin with other color patterns. I'd suggest buying this species in person so you are happy with your new, little friend. I've heard Eurecea prove challenging. Many people have started keeping Aneides sp, so these are also seemingly not too hard to keep. Yes, many lungless salamanders bite each other, self-automate their tails (I experienced this while picking up a Eurecea)or eat their eggs when startled, so also something to keep in mind. I keep Desmognus(spelling), and they are easy to keep and handle warmer temps better.
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