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Default Re: Water level testing and tolerances

I guess you mean little worms like bloodworms? With earthworms I just feed one or two slowly, so they have no chance of getting away. For smaller foods like bloodworm or tubifex, I filled a clean jelly jar with tank water, dropped the food into the jar, and lowered the jar carefully to the tank floor. That kept everything pretty much in one place and made cleanup very easy.

The sand never got into the filter once it initially settled.

I doubt your axolots are frustrated. They are just getting used to their environment, and getting older. Axolotls calm down as they get older and adults are often almost motionless during the day (unless it's feeding time). They are .. what's the word again? crepuscular? active at sunrise and sunset - and if you ever see them in the middle of the night, you might be surprised how active they are. Mine used to do midnight ballet. They sleep during the day, which looks like they are bored or even dead, because they don't have eyelids to close and we can't hear 'em snore.

No worries about the advice - it's a support forum. If you feel a peson has given you (or someone else) particularly good advice, you can give them a repuation point - look to the left of the particular post and see the icon that is, I think, supposed to be a scale? Click that and you can leave positive or negative rep. You don't have to give me any, though, because I'm not telling you anything special - and if I didn't have time to sit here and type answers... I wouldn't!

edit: I have read about people using slate or tile as substrate. As long as nothing (poopy) can get underneath it, it should be as good a substrate as bare bottom, and offer more grip for little axie-toes.

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