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Providence 08:25 11th December 2017
Thank you so much for sharing this. I am new to Salamander and Newt's as pets. We found some in our Christmas Tree this year from a local home depot here in Southern California. I now have a California Newt and a Mole Salamander if identification is correct from photos on the internet? Today we gave them live baby crickets. I fed them whole earthworms and wondered why they hadn't ate them? I will try chopping them up. Any other suggestions appreciated. Until I purchase a permanent home (suggestions appreciated) I am keeping them in separate "Home Depot" orange buckets. I have placed rocks from Lake Havasu, CA, along with some sandy soil local to my yard in the buckets. I added chlorine free water too. I made it so there is a water area and earth area in the bucket. I also placed some of the Christmas tree trimmings in the bucket. My hope is to give them a good environment until I can build them a more permanent home. Also, I have no clue if they should be housed together or not? The orange bucket provides a red light heat affect from non direct sunlight from outside. I also place them under blue lights at night. Help from experts appreciated. I need to know if what I am doing is right or good for the animals and I need to know what is best when I create a more permanent habitat for them?