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Axolotl General Discussion>Recommended type of pellets?
Poodlay 15:57 11th June 2018
Hello! I've had my axolotl since he was a juvenile and he's been eating small pellets since I've gotten him. As he's gotten bigger though, I've started alternating with feeding him worms and several of the small pellets in a sitting. He's gotten big though and small pellets aren't really cutting it anymore. I feel like I have to feed him six or seven at a time for him to really make a meal out of them.

Currently he's been eating these mini Hikari pellets (approx. 4mm)

And I was looking at buying these jumbo Hikari pellets (approx. 9mm)

Would these be okay? I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations on larger-sized pellet food.

Thank you!
Have some cute pictures of Tadpole being adorable!

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RoreyRoreyRorey 16:30 11th June 2018
A general rule of thumb with amphibians is that if it fits in their mouth, it’s food! So as long as it will fit, I’m sure he will take it. Also what a cutie! How old is he?

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