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JSTER720 01:37 30th June 2009
Tommorow I will being going to a marsh/pond to look for Blue Spotted Salamanders. I am not sure where to look, because the logs I turn over always break and it's really muddy. Anyways any suggestions where to look, because the pond has LOTS of weeds and water

lutafisk 02:39 30th June 2009
if there are any woods by this marsh you should look under logs there. i went out in the woods today and found like 30 of them they seem to be the only salamanders i can find here in minnesota.

Kaysie 08:32 30th June 2009
Blue-spots aren't in the water this time of year. Like Lutafisk said, they're in the uplands, in the woods. Look under logs. They don't need to be rotted.

JSTER720 21:50 30th June 2009
Ok, it's not near woods at all

chupacabra31 00:12 16th July 2009
I am in Michigan so not too dissimilar to you in habitats. What I have found to be a sure fire bet is to find swampy woods or just some woods, they almost always have some vernal pools in them. Then start turning ANY logs near the water especially in higher ground. Don't give up youll find them! I find them almost daily all year long except for winter. If all else fails wait till about march to April and go to a vernal pool somewhere with your flashlight just after dark, you will most certainly see some migrating to their pools.

Best of luck and I hope you see some. They are really special little buddies!

caudatadude28 18:34 17th July 2009
I find ambystoma laterale(blue spotted salamanders) in April-May under logs near ponds but in the summers we dont get any rain for the most part so it is way to dry to find them in the woods. Try looking for the larvae now. You could look for morphs in August-September near the pond under logs and such. After a rain is usually the best bet to finding them.

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