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BarTigerSal 20:08 12th August 2009
This is where you can share how your Tiger Salamander behaves, strange, new, usual, or what ever.

I rescued my Tiger Salamander back in March, she was out in a snow storm and nearly froe to death. since I rescued her, she has been attached to me, she come over to the side of the aquarium that I have her in to greet me, she loves to be stroked. This morning when I put my hand in to take her water bowl out to clean it, she shoved herself into my hands, so I stroked her back, she did this another two times before I could eventually take her bowl out to clean it, when I put the water bowl back in though she did it again but this time would not let me put her down. She has also just laid some eggs, which she has also been guarding, she only leaves them to take a dip in her water bowl, or when I feed her or when she wants me to give her attention.
Does this sound strange or some what usual ?

Tags:behavior, strange
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