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Xoli 19:37 27th February 2013
Hello all,
I'm new this forum, but it has been a great source of info in the past 2 weeks, and I wanted to note how grateful I am for it. My wife and I decided to gift ourselves a cute little leucistic axolotl for Valentine's day. We're very happy to have him(her)! Xoli is pronounced "Sho-lee", as Axolotl was originally pronounced "A-sho-loat" in nahuatl.
Though I must admit he(she)'s been more high maintenance than we were lead to believe by the pet shops we looked around (they're all pretty clueless about axolotls). But thanks to this forum I've set up a tank with no gravel (instead we use river rocks, but will be getting some sugar-fine sand soon), and with three computer fans going to keep his water nice and cool.
He(she)'s been keeping busy, and worried at times, since I don't know what's normal behavior or appearance, but overall he seems healthy and has a good appetite. I haven't gotten my own water testing kit, but I have been taking water samples to a local pet store and everything checks out.
I'm hoping to ask a bunch of questions soon to make sure Xoli will stay nice and healthy. But there are already a lot of threads that answer similar questions, so I've been doing my research first.
I was born in Mexico but moved to the US at a young age. Xoli makes me feel more connected to my roots. He(she)'s also just the coolest most adorable little guy I've ever seen.

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FX1C 20:38 27th February 2013
Xoli is gorgeous :)

Welcome to the forums - I too am grateful to have found such a wealth of information available - without this place I doubt my little one would've survived.
Without this place I wouldn't have increased my population of axolotls from 1 to 9 lol totally addicted now!

Look forward to lots more lovely photos of Xoli

<3 >o_o< <3

Xoli 20:52 27th February 2013
Thanks Nikki,
Initially we wanted to get a pair, but we realized that they grow pretty fast, and that we would need a larger tank to keep them happy. So we opted for just having Xoli, but hopefully one day we can get him a buddy!

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